Is your bathroom causing you stress rather than comfort?

Are you sick of mold, clogged toilets, and dripping pipes? Astoria Kitchen & Bathroom’s designers, craftsmen, and handymen are at your disposal with their bathroom remodeling services to create an oasis inside your home!

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Nothing beats a hot bath in your cozy bathroom to relax and unwind. But does your bathroom offer you that level of comfort? Wet areas deteriorate faster than other parts of the home. Do not underestimate the destructive power of water! If your bathroom is now old, dysfunctional, or damaged, you need Astoria Kitchen & Bathroom’s bathroom remodeling solutions! Tell our expert designers about your dream bathroom and let us build it for you.

Comfort & Functionality

At Astoria Kitchen & Bathroom, we rely on the skills of our designers and craftsmen to create quality wet rooms where privacy and comfort meet functionality. We are not just any bathroom remodel contractor. Interior design is an art form for us. An art that we practice to create valuable and appealing bathrooms that meet your needs and sense of aesthetics… This approach is the impulsion that motivates us to build much more than a bathroom

— that is, a work of art.

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Start your bathroom remodeling process today with DMV’s best bathroom remodel contractor! Farewell to mold and mildew, low water pressure, and leaky pipes! At Astoria Kitchen & Bathroom, we promise not only a visually appealing bathroom but also a spring that performs flawlessly in terms of comfort, ease of use, and hygiene. Moreover, the dimensions of your space do not matter at all. We have great bathroom improvement solutions for bathrooms of all sizes.

The fine work of our craftsmen and handymen allows us to achieve perfection even in the smallest details. The bathroom design that appeals to your personal taste is our most confidential area of expertise, thanks to the artistic perspective and vast knowledge of our experienced designers. We owe this confidence to the valuable feedback of dozens of satisfied customers. We are proud to say that we have not had a single dissatisfied customer so far.

Bathroom Remodeling at Its Best

Furthermore, we offer you our bathroom remodeling services at the best prices in the DMV. As a local small business, we believe that our neighbors should receive the best service at the most affordable prices. We work with a premium service principle that all DMV residents can benefit from, rather than developing average-quality projects with high profit margins. Our bathroom design projects are developed with a holistic approach to ensure that they are in harmony with the rest of your home. We enable you to reach tailor-made designs with a wide range of products we have selected from top-notch cabinet and tile brands in the United States without paying a fortune.

We want to leave an indelible mark on your home with our bathroom improvement project design and installation services and to be unforgettable with our service quality. That’s why we, at Astoria Kitchen & Bathroom, have a lot of respect for what we do. Besides, you don’t have to pay to see how good we are at our job. Our superior service begins with a free estimate. It is our pleasure to serve you, whether you prefer us or not.

Looking for an expert bathroom remodel contractor for a reasonable fee? Contact us today for a free estimate for bathroom remodeling if you want to increase the value of your home and the pleasure you get from your living space.

Do you have any inquiries about bathroom design or remodeling? No worries! Our expert designers and craftsmen are standing by to answer all your questions! Everything you need to know about bathroom remodeling is just a phone call away! Contact us now for more information on our bathroom remodeling installations!

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